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Lilir and Westi are both qualified guides for unique tours of Ubud’s rice fields and ravines, which introduce the visitor to a wealth of natural remedies growing by the wayside. Ni Wayan Lilir was born at home in 1972 near Ubud and I Made Westi was born in Mambal, Badung in 1973.

their Mother and Father were both Balinese healers and farmer who have passed on to their children their knowledge, natural love and understanding of traditional herbalism

 Knowledge of Balinese traditional herbal medicine came to us naturally through our families. We have also studied the Usada Bali or balinese ayurvedic university in Bali, one of the traditional Balinese Books of Healing, and have spent a tremendous amount of time in the field studying Balinese plants and using them in our daily lives.

A young couple have committed themselves to help keep the tradition of Obat Asli Bali alive. Westi and Lilir met at a guiding course and quickly discovered they had a garden of things in common. Lilir’s parent’s were healers and herbalists and relied heavily on traditional remedies for their brood of 11 children.

Westi’s parents were farmers who remembered how much healthier the soil was before chemical farming. They were both inspired to use their position as guides to help preserve Bali’s unique indigenous heritage.

Westi became deeply involved in qualifying himself to teach others about Bali’s living pharmacy.  “I became interested in herbal remedies,” he says. “My father was quite knowledgeable and I spent time learning from him before he died. Now I study with three traditional healers, but they are also very old. There is a real danger that this wisdom will die out if it is not recorded.”

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